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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fuck the Mayan Calendar. Mine says It's 2012

  If I allow a group of people who never rode a motorcycle, sucked at growing their own, built temples that are a bitch on their "prayer bones" to rain on my parade I would deserve things to end. They did have some kick ass locations to ride, along with weather conditions second to none. But try & talk with a Mayan travel agent these days.

  The motorcycle industry is changing in 2012. Yes, because of the economy and some just want it to. Go figure the ones with the dough  try telling us, we need an electric motorcycle, air bags on a motorcycle, and need to go 200 m.p.h. right out of the crate. Oh yeah plus we need Mohawk hair for our helmets, a condom not just for your schwantz but to protect the gas tank paint job.
  I could try to cipher a calendar written in stone thousands of years ago, but with the absence of Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week and the mayan who chiseled it. Why? Mine is a hell of a lot easier to read. You don't even have to look closely to find August on my calendar. We are after all the ones who cipher through this economy & with our dough, make our economy happen in 2012. The ones that couldn't make it are gone down the road, even if it was a tropical paradise in South America. 

  I have to admit, I am kind of surprised O.C.C. did not build a theme bike about the Mayans. Oh yeah , how soon I forgot they only build with a huge corporate sponsor . The Mayans stopped sponsorship and writing in their calendar thousands of years ago. My calendar for 2012 just keeps going with plenty of motorcycles, hot woman and a lot of open roads to see in the horizon. But what do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.


Friday, December 30, 2011

I just talked with a biker who has taken over a million pictures of the biker lifestyle. His name is Jake McIntyre of . Jack's everyday ride is a Harley Road King and is based in Philadelphia PA. It all started for Jack while attending Daytona & Myrtle Beach rallies, in the 90's. With a website built to store Jack's moment in time of what is the biker lifestyle, things went full bore in 2002.

  Many of us take pictures of where we've been on our American Made 2 wheel chariots. Many of Jack's photographs are "spur of the moment" at the events we attend, or from viewing his pics wish we had. An all day open invitation shoot at company HQ, always proves interesting. The day of the shoot usually brings 50 motorcycles to the company parking lot, but don't be surprised if a models panties falls out of her work bag. I wish I could say the same at the American Biker Biz parking lot. We just have oil spots from a panhead and a stubborn AMF kick-starter.

  I have always been the guy who knows if I can't build it/ make it go to an expert. I have had many business arguments with my "computer guru" over quality images. I hate it when the fucking guru is right,but that's business. After thumbing thru a catalog of over 75,000 images available at, I'm going to have to find something else to fight about with the "computer guru". I will still take pics on my cellphone, my kids like em.  

  Taking a moment in time of the biker lifestyle is what Jack makes happen. Having a group of beautiful models that share the curves works well for all to see.The company motto at is "It comes from the Heart". The heart & soul of Jack's images is the motorcycle. But what do I know , I am just your average EvoJoe. Take a look for yourself at


Friday, July 1, 2011

Enjoy Your July 4th Weekend

 Here it is America, let's get out & ride this weekend. Being on the road this a.m. I saw many bikes packed for a long trip already on the road. I get the firsthand info running my website HD Biker Forums. There are great events running all over the USA.  I hope you all enjoy your freedom of the open road, and when you're riding keep your eyes in the back of your head open to.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bike Klub

  American Biker Biz just went north of the border to a territory worth learning about.The man who is making it happen is Marc Mazerolle. Marc is the Instructor/Manager of Bike Klub, an after-school youth program,located in New Brunswick Canada.

Marc is a high school Technology & Motorcycle Fundamentals Teacher, who took his passion & has made a difference on today's youth & tomorrows workforce. Bike Klub was offered to students determined by a few in authority, to be "at risk" & "introverts". Bernice MacNaughton High School has opened not only their school doors, but the eyes of many from what is "Bike Klub". Bike Klub provides more than a place to hang out.they build custom motorcycles.

   Besides working the 9-5 teaching job, instructing at Bike Klub has taught the teacher a few things. Thru Bike Klub students learn to promote self-worth, respect, confidence, sense of community that would otherwise be lost in the crowd. Did I mention the students build some cool bikes too! Bike Klub makes sure the students get more than just how to cut, grind, and bend metal. The students learn how to be creative & learn their creative minds matter. Bike Klub is all about the students, it always has been & Marc is the one who got the chassis rolling by making the program happen.

  Marc is fortunate to have a great mentor & motivator, whose Dad passed away in 1996, but his words & advice live on.Offering more advice is Bob McKay,Canada's only Master Bike Builder. Bob has always been there and given some eye opening advice helping out Bike Klub. Chica,from Chica Custom Cycles,gave the club some advice early on about overcoming adversity. Overall the greatest mentors so far to the program have been the students who mentor each other to a win-win program.

  Marc's advice to those that want to make a difference is:  Be prepared for the best, be prepared for the worst ,you're gonna laugh, you're gonna cry, you'll be shocked & amazed. Mostly, no matter how many people put you down, no matter how many folks try to stop you, it will be worth it. Marc can promise that because he made it happen and built some cool bikes in the process.

New Challenge/ Find an American Made Helmet

    I am one of the fortunate ones who lives in a state that it is my choice to wear a helmet. I helped out a startup online biker mall a couple of years ago. The owners of the virtual mall stated they wanted helmets at their mall. I thought this was going to be an easy search for American made helmets. After  much research, it was determined helmets are made overseas. This seemed outrageous to me knowing how many helmets are placed on peoples melons.

   I was heading to the Dealer Expo at Indianapolis and knew I could talk with the source,Bell Helmets. Bell had a kick ass display & a bunch of reps on hand to answer questions. When I asked the rep "Do you make helmets in the USA"?  The rep kinda of steered clear of the display booth to tell me "No".  What the hell happened? Greed, pollution, cost to make a plastic coated foam with a buckle seems like not a lot of skilled labor involved. It has got to be greed that forces the move.

  Talking with Clay Morrison from Confederate Motorcycles yeaterday, we want to find an American made motorcycle helmet. This is a new mission for us both. If anyone knows of a company we want to know,anyone can respond here on the blog. I know Germany &Greed  Italy produces some helmets of quality. Today the search is on to find an American Made motorcycle helmet. I am in the know that if a American company does exist things will become very lucrative once the word gets out. Maybe a wanted poster should be posted like searching for Billy the Kid. In my opinion it seems criminal how America gave our jobs overseas. Greed can do that. Determination can turn things around. When I find the elusive American Made motorcycle helmet we will post a picture & get the word out.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who Remembers Evel Knievel's Snake River Jump

 A friend of mine not only remembers that jump in Idaho, but will be attempting a Guiness World Record on September1st,2011. Mad Mike Hughes is the World's Most Famous Limo Driver & he breaks records that Guiness can attest to. Mad Mike has the balls to set this jump up in record time and could use some financial backing. The man I idolized as a kid, Evel Knievel took 7 years to make the Snake River Jump a reality. I guarantee you Mad Mike knows why Evel's parachute prematurely opened. Mad Mike has done the research,made the changes  & has a plan to make it happen. This unforgettable event takes money because  like bikers now the small percentage who control the legal & insurance mumbo jumbo can put a KABASH on anything they are scared of. My friend Mad Mike Hughes has the balls to complete what he sets out to do,even if Evel Knievel didn't. I can admit one of the reasons I ride is due to the showman Evel Knievel. I jumped many garbage cans as a kid. I broke many bike frames in my attempts to break a neighborhood record,but that was in the seventies. Now I want to get the word out for a real attempt at a Guiness World Record in 2011.

Guiness World Record attempt-the longest and highest jump-the Silurian Dry Lake Bed-15 miles from Baker, CA in the X-2 Skylimo Rocket

This is approved by the(Barstow division of the BLM) contact is Larry Blaine. Dan Taylor from the Inland Empire Film Commission is doing the film permit. Jennifer Rye with the Target Insurance Services in San Diego,is underwriting the needed insurance for the production & filming of the jump.

100 spots are available as an investor-$300.00 each spot with 3 installments of $100.00 now until 4 days before the jump.

The 100 investors will own 45 percent of all money generated from this event up until October 1,2011
This includes all revenue from the internet pay per view.
 Merchandise(posters-clothing etc.) Revenue generated from television apperances by Mad Mike Hughes.
Sale of the X-2 Skylimo Rocket on Ebay(10 days from the jump) Sale of the uniform worn by Mad Mike(ebay)  Sale of the helmet worn by Mad Mike(ebay) Sponsorship money paid(does not include products).

In case of injury or death to Mad Mike Hughes. Frank Visentin of Niagara Falls,Canada & Ken French will oversee the distribution of all monies and will have the rights to sell all merchandise.Phone numbers are available . American Biker Biz chose not to post but ready to reply
Mad Mike Hughes is available at  his phone number is also available if you request American Biker Biz. EvoJoe chose not to post the number,but ready to reply to anyone interested.

Here is the Cost Breakdown for the World Record Jump September 1,2011
               Ramp-    $2500.00
               Permits-  $500.00
               Monitor-  $240.00    for the BLM
               Heater-     $1850.00   For the rocket
               Generator-$500.00    (rental)
               Crane-     $1000.00   (truck & forklift)
    Transportation -  $750.00
        Parachutes  -  $4000.00
        Hotel Expenses-$ 400.00
  Crew(5man -$100 per day)
          Poster       $1500.00
     Event Tshirts-  $800.00  (144)
Production Cost- $10000.00  Internet Pay Per View

Best of Luck My Friend will see you on the other side.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Victory Cross Country Recall

   I just got the news & want to get it out. The recall is for 840 bikes sold from Jan.1st - April 1st 2011. The handle bar clamps & risers have incorrect machining on the 840 Victory Cross Country. The handlebars can slip loosen up. Polaris industries, which owns Victory motorcycles states they will notify these owners. If you own one , contact Victory customer service 1-888-704-5290. American Biker Biz wants to know how good the company is helping these 840 owners solve the problem.