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Friday, December 30, 2011

I just talked with a biker who has taken over a million pictures of the biker lifestyle. His name is Jake McIntyre of . Jack's everyday ride is a Harley Road King and is based in Philadelphia PA. It all started for Jack while attending Daytona & Myrtle Beach rallies, in the 90's. With a website built to store Jack's moment in time of what is the biker lifestyle, things went full bore in 2002.

  Many of us take pictures of where we've been on our American Made 2 wheel chariots. Many of Jack's photographs are "spur of the moment" at the events we attend, or from viewing his pics wish we had. An all day open invitation shoot at company HQ, always proves interesting. The day of the shoot usually brings 50 motorcycles to the company parking lot, but don't be surprised if a models panties falls out of her work bag. I wish I could say the same at the American Biker Biz parking lot. We just have oil spots from a panhead and a stubborn AMF kick-starter.

  I have always been the guy who knows if I can't build it/ make it go to an expert. I have had many business arguments with my "computer guru" over quality images. I hate it when the fucking guru is right,but that's business. After thumbing thru a catalog of over 75,000 images available at, I'm going to have to find something else to fight about with the "computer guru". I will still take pics on my cellphone, my kids like em.  

  Taking a moment in time of the biker lifestyle is what Jack makes happen. Having a group of beautiful models that share the curves works well for all to see.The company motto at is "It comes from the Heart". The heart & soul of Jack's images is the motorcycle. But what do I know , I am just your average EvoJoe. Take a look for yourself at


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