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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fuck the Mayan Calendar. Mine says It's 2012

  If I allow a group of people who never rode a motorcycle, sucked at growing their own, built temples that are a bitch on their "prayer bones" to rain on my parade I would deserve things to end. They did have some kick ass locations to ride, along with weather conditions second to none. But try & talk with a Mayan travel agent these days.

  The motorcycle industry is changing in 2012. Yes, because of the economy and some just want it to. Go figure the ones with the dough  try telling us, we need an electric motorcycle, air bags on a motorcycle, and need to go 200 m.p.h. right out of the crate. Oh yeah plus we need Mohawk hair for our helmets, a condom not just for your schwantz but to protect the gas tank paint job.
  I could try to cipher a calendar written in stone thousands of years ago, but with the absence of Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week and the mayan who chiseled it. Why? Mine is a hell of a lot easier to read. You don't even have to look closely to find August on my calendar. We are after all the ones who cipher through this economy & with our dough, make our economy happen in 2012. The ones that couldn't make it are gone down the road, even if it was a tropical paradise in South America. 

  I have to admit, I am kind of surprised O.C.C. did not build a theme bike about the Mayans. Oh yeah , how soon I forgot they only build with a huge corporate sponsor . The Mayans stopped sponsorship and writing in their calendar thousands of years ago. My calendar for 2012 just keeps going with plenty of motorcycles, hot woman and a lot of open roads to see in the horizon. But what do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.


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