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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who Remembers Evel Knievel's Snake River Jump

 A friend of mine not only remembers that jump in Idaho, but will be attempting a Guiness World Record on September1st,2011. Mad Mike Hughes is the World's Most Famous Limo Driver & he breaks records that Guiness can attest to. Mad Mike has the balls to set this jump up in record time and could use some financial backing. The man I idolized as a kid, Evel Knievel took 7 years to make the Snake River Jump a reality. I guarantee you Mad Mike knows why Evel's parachute prematurely opened. Mad Mike has done the research,made the changes  & has a plan to make it happen. This unforgettable event takes money because  like bikers now the small percentage who control the legal & insurance mumbo jumbo can put a KABASH on anything they are scared of. My friend Mad Mike Hughes has the balls to complete what he sets out to do,even if Evel Knievel didn't. I can admit one of the reasons I ride is due to the showman Evel Knievel. I jumped many garbage cans as a kid. I broke many bike frames in my attempts to break a neighborhood record,but that was in the seventies. Now I want to get the word out for a real attempt at a Guiness World Record in 2011.

Guiness World Record attempt-the longest and highest jump-the Silurian Dry Lake Bed-15 miles from Baker, CA in the X-2 Skylimo Rocket

This is approved by the(Barstow division of the BLM) contact is Larry Blaine. Dan Taylor from the Inland Empire Film Commission is doing the film permit. Jennifer Rye with the Target Insurance Services in San Diego,is underwriting the needed insurance for the production & filming of the jump.

100 spots are available as an investor-$300.00 each spot with 3 installments of $100.00 now until 4 days before the jump.

The 100 investors will own 45 percent of all money generated from this event up until October 1,2011
This includes all revenue from the internet pay per view.
 Merchandise(posters-clothing etc.) Revenue generated from television apperances by Mad Mike Hughes.
Sale of the X-2 Skylimo Rocket on Ebay(10 days from the jump) Sale of the uniform worn by Mad Mike(ebay)  Sale of the helmet worn by Mad Mike(ebay) Sponsorship money paid(does not include products).

In case of injury or death to Mad Mike Hughes. Frank Visentin of Niagara Falls,Canada & Ken French will oversee the distribution of all monies and will have the rights to sell all merchandise.Phone numbers are available . American Biker Biz chose not to post but ready to reply
Mad Mike Hughes is available at  his phone number is also available if you request American Biker Biz. EvoJoe chose not to post the number,but ready to reply to anyone interested.

Here is the Cost Breakdown for the World Record Jump September 1,2011
               Ramp-    $2500.00
               Permits-  $500.00
               Monitor-  $240.00    for the BLM
               Heater-     $1850.00   For the rocket
               Generator-$500.00    (rental)
               Crane-     $1000.00   (truck & forklift)
    Transportation -  $750.00
        Parachutes  -  $4000.00
        Hotel Expenses-$ 400.00
  Crew(5man -$100 per day)
          Poster       $1500.00
     Event Tshirts-  $800.00  (144)
Production Cost- $10000.00  Internet Pay Per View

Best of Luck My Friend will see you on the other side.

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