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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bike Klub

  American Biker Biz just went north of the border to a territory worth learning about.The man who is making it happen is Marc Mazerolle. Marc is the Instructor/Manager of Bike Klub, an after-school youth program,located in New Brunswick Canada.

Marc is a high school Technology & Motorcycle Fundamentals Teacher, who took his passion & has made a difference on today's youth & tomorrows workforce. Bike Klub was offered to students determined by a few in authority, to be "at risk" & "introverts". Bernice MacNaughton High School has opened not only their school doors, but the eyes of many from what is "Bike Klub". Bike Klub provides more than a place to hang out.they build custom motorcycles.

   Besides working the 9-5 teaching job, instructing at Bike Klub has taught the teacher a few things. Thru Bike Klub students learn to promote self-worth, respect, confidence, sense of community that would otherwise be lost in the crowd. Did I mention the students build some cool bikes too! Bike Klub makes sure the students get more than just how to cut, grind, and bend metal. The students learn how to be creative & learn their creative minds matter. Bike Klub is all about the students, it always has been & Marc is the one who got the chassis rolling by making the program happen.

  Marc is fortunate to have a great mentor & motivator, whose Dad passed away in 1996, but his words & advice live on.Offering more advice is Bob McKay,Canada's only Master Bike Builder. Bob has always been there and given some eye opening advice helping out Bike Klub. Chica,from Chica Custom Cycles,gave the club some advice early on about overcoming adversity. Overall the greatest mentors so far to the program have been the students who mentor each other to a win-win program.

  Marc's advice to those that want to make a difference is:  Be prepared for the best, be prepared for the worst ,you're gonna laugh, you're gonna cry, you'll be shocked & amazed. Mostly, no matter how many people put you down, no matter how many folks try to stop you, it will be worth it. Marc can promise that because he made it happen and built some cool bikes in the process.

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