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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hey Harry Your Computer Prediction Proved Something

     A retired civil engineer told us the Rapture was supposed to be on Saturday. Some believed him enough to pack up the family into the Buick(cage) & drive to California & watch. I heard another liquidated his assets & even picked up a bible to tell more the end was here. All the hoopla proved that Harry's computer is only as smart as the guy hitting the keys. I understand a church is tax exempt & Harry's is a multimillion dollar congregation.
     What about my church of the open road? The open road needs a civil engineer to fix our nations infrastructure. The potholes are everywhere & bridges need fixing fast. We are still going to keep rolling on, Laconia is almost here. Laconia,Sturgis & Daytona are not predictions,but a gathering of those who believe in the open road. Despite the roads in disrepair, we keep rolling past the predictions. Hell yes we have bikers to meet,places to ride & rallies to attend.
     We are Thankful to those that rode before us on roads that weren't even paved. Those that "Ride to Live/ Live to Ride" know the value of being on the open road with their knees in the breeze. It can be described as spiritual. I have passed many trailers going to the same destination as me. I am not here to judge the decision to miss out on what is "the experience". My"maker" will come "like a thief in the night". Until then I "Ride to Live/Live to Ride" and it feels damn good. Harry the only thing super about a super computer is the price tag. If your not busy the first week of August, I will be checking out the roads around South Dakota once again.You might recognize me, I will be riding a Harley.

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