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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Confederate Motorcycles

   I just spoke with Confederate Motorcycles,  located in Birmingham Alabama  .  Production for this American manufacturer of motorcycles began in 1993 with the model fittingly named Hellcat. True craftsmanship is part of what makes their bikes be known in the motorcyle world.

   As shown by the pictures, "Design in Revolt" is the company motto at Confederate Motorcycle. Every motorcycle  built has a client who has discussed the details with the craftsman building their bike. The buyers of these unique works of art ,with the balls to go fast, typically already know what they want to ride. You won't see a group of 10 different models with factory demo rides at Confederate Motorcycles. What you will see is a client who cares about "attention to detail" and quality that rumbles" Made in the USA".

   Current models available are the X132 Hellcat which is priced at $45,000 and is the top picture. The P120 Fighter is another model with a unique look and the picture is at the bottom. The B120 Wraith is priced at $90,000 and is pictured in the middle. All of these American made motorcycles are fierce street machines. Adding to the quality, look & horsepower, is the personal service you receive as the first title holder of a Confederate Motorcycle built just for you. Each bike is hand delivered to the clients home. I just wonder how many clients are like me & want to ride as soon as possible.

    The message is clear from Confederate Motorcycle. From their small team of designers, engineers, and craftsman, they are all dedicated to creating the most fierce American motorcycles on the road. They strive daily to transform and elevate what an American motorcycle CAN be. Checkout the company blog at:

   It was good for me, your average EvoJoe, to learn more about "who is" & "what is" Confederate Motorcycle. If you would like to learn more, or better yet, have one built for you, checkout their website

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