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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victory Motorcycle

Zach Ness Vegas
Cory Ness Cross Country
Vision 8-ball
  I just spoke with Victory Motorcycles,whose first bike was produced in Spirit Lake, Iowa, on July 4th, 1998. How do you like that starting date for"American Made"? It sounds like a great start to building an icon. Every Victory motorcycle since that July 4th has been produced,in Spirit Lake,Iowa.

  Victory Motorcycle operates out of the Polaris Headquarters,located in Medina,MN.The 106 Cubic Inch Freedom V-twin engines are built in Osceola,WI .The Parts Support is located in Vermillion,SD. Victory Motorcycle has a Research & Development center,doing the math on the next icon,in Wyoming,MN. They have "put it all together" for some of the coolest bikes on the road.

  The 106 Cubic Inch Freedom V-twin engine,is standard on all of the Victory Motorcycles. The Freedom V-twin has 97 hp. & 113 ft./lbs. of torque in the power plant. This is impressive,because the H-D Twin Cam 96 has less hp. & torque. Victory Motorcyle has a motto"Fuel It" and if you do ? You will see who sets the standard in American V-twin.

  Victory Motorcycle knows, the only way to know a Victory is to ride one. They are fully committed to letting us test their theory. With six semi-trucks touring the USA,and hosting 22,000 demo rides last year. You will see their trucks at Sturgis & Daytona Beach,ready to try "What Is" Victory Motorcycles .With 5 types of American made motorcycles available in a price range starting at $12,499- $27,999. Most bikes are in the $14,000-$20,000 range.

King Pin 8-ball
Cross Roads(customize this)
  Starting with the 8-ball cruiser class is the Vegas 8-ball. MSRP is $12,499 for the Vegas 8-ball. The Hammer 8-ball is next in line,with a MSRP of $14,499. The King Pin 8-ball has a MSRP of $17,999.

In the touring class is the Vision Tour with a MRSP $23,699. Three color choices are available for the Vision Tour.Cross Roads is a totally custom touring bike ,with a standard MSRP $ 14,999. The beauty of the Cross Roads is no wasted parts. The bags,color, & windshield are customized at the dealership,when your ready The Victory Cross Country has a MSRP $17,999. It also has 3 color choices available.

Vegas Jackpot
  The custom cruiser models available are the Vegas Jackpot.The Vegas Jackpot has a MSRP $18,499. The Kingpin with a MSRP $14,999. The Vegas with a MSRP$14,499. The Vision 8-ball with a MSRP$17,999.

Hammer S

    The muscle cruisers are the Hammer MSRP $17,799.and the Hammer S MSRP $18,499. 

Arlen Ness Vision
    Next up,are the Ness Signature Series. This family known for custom bikes,has a "daddy" ready to go called the Arlen Ness Vision. The Arlen Ness Vision has a MSRP $27,999. The sons learned from "pops" with some bikes that roar, in the signature series. Cory Ness Cross Country has a MSRP $24,999. Zach Ness Vegas is also making some noise with the Zach Ness Vegas. Zach's Vegas has a MSRP $18,999.

   Victory Motorcycles appeal to riders tired of recycling the past,who are ready for a quality ,high-performing,and reliable  American made motorcycle. Their bikes beg to be ridden and enjoyed for what they are. Take a Victory for a test ride and see for yourself. Victory has developed a significant demo program,to experience "what is" Victory motorcycle.  A  Victory motorcycle has outstanding reliability,modern American styling and features that encourage us to head out on the open road. Victory is proud to be part of the American motorcycle scene.and continues to provide motorcycles that deliver. I am glad I stopped by to find out "Who Is" Victory Motorcycle. More information is available at their company website:www.Victory

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