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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why blog?

 Why not. My website gives the info before you ride.The eventslist on HDBF is not the biggest list out in cyberspace,but I try my damndest to make it the most informative. I chose to blog as I ride the open road riding my 1992 FXR. I will not be trailering my bike because the ride is what gives me the info to post. So look for americantrailerbiz if that floats your boat.

 So if your looking to talk gear on your BMW this is also not the blog for you. I ride without a windshield but have seen the push of a button windshield rise up on a "beemer".  I am more about the journey than a pannier or Joe Rocket jacket with ballistic armor. My FXR is bare bones, I can fix most anything on the road that will keep me rolling. It might be McGuyvered but it will be running to where I need to go. Even when I broke down on a stretch of Hwy. 7 that my cellphone could not find service. I meet the coolest people in Arkansas, that let me charge a discharged battery.
    Today my travels are limited due to a winter snowstorm. I would think someone out there in cyberspace is riding there H-D. I am thinking it would be in Florida as the weather maps I see are looking like snowdays everywhere across the bulk of the USA. Good thing for indoor shows going on or cabin fever would take over.

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