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Monday, January 17, 2011

Everything is made in China today is not completely true

    I could see it coming in the late seventies when I was looking for a new ski jacket. I tore my down ski jacket from a run in with a evergreen on the slopes. I was at the ski shop seeing Made in China instead of Made in Colorado. Every jacket was now different than I saw the previous year. I pictured 10 year old kids in China in slave labor fashion sewing overseas til they stacked up to the factory ceiling. I asked the sales girl if they sold any jackets that are made in the USA. She stated it really doesn't matter so just pick one. Not being one told what to do. I told her it matters to me I am not a fan or supporter of slave labor. She was clueless looked at me like I was & I went somewhere else.
    So years later after seeing my brothers lose their jobs,homes, wives & families I know it matters. Last August before I headed out to Sturgis I got a half a dozen calls for some shirts from the Black Hills Rally. I enjoyed my time at the rendezvous & waited until the last day for finding some shirts. Shirts are everywhere around it doesn't take much effort to find em. I went to the one tent met a nice local woman who was my age. She asked what I was looking for I told her my list,but requested they be made in the USA. She gave me the look then said lets look. If I had to guess there was 10,000 different shirts at this circus tent. She told me some foreigner owns this booth. We both searched for any shirts that are Made in the USA and found none. I am sure somewhere in all the places that sold tshirts somebody had an American made for sale.
    But like it is today we are flooded with overseas crap. The incentive for our economy is called greed. I grew up looking & still do today shopping with a purpose that is to help our economy. Despite what companies like Walmart want to flood the market with. American made products are available we just have to search harder to purchase. Last year I attempted to purchase Christmas cards thinking that would be a good gesture . I found no cards were made here in America. Yes it is only a five dollar box of cards,but somebody had to make em. I checked a couple of the bigger superstores & they all went the way of Walmart. I did not send any cards thinking about what's next the American flag,but what do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.

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