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Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes I Have

 I hate to admit it but I have bought the overseas crap before. As an example my FXR has rubber mounts on the frame that from my guess are the to prevent your molars from shaking loose. My local H-D dealer parts guy was out of the OEM. So the cheaper & only option at this dealer was buy the Chinese,Taiwanese, not Japanese crap. I couldn't wait so I caved. I was not feeling good about this from the get go but knew I would be riding soon. I have seen rubber products before this occasion, this mount just looked funky. If I said it was painted soft plastic is best I can describe it. Crap is the best adjective available.
     I was able to install it & ride off in the sunset, but knew I made the wrong choice on something simple as a chunk of rubber. Next time make the trip to find exactly what your looking for. Shopping in cyberspace would taken a little longer but I would have replaced the rubber mount once instead of twice. Hell who knows if I put on another 100,000 miles I will find exactly what I am looking for. But what do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.

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