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Friday, January 14, 2011

American Biker Biz Steps Up

 Welcome to American Biker Biz first official post. Let me tell you who I am & why I started this blog. I am EvoJoe who resides halfway between Chicago & Milwaukee. I have been riding as long as I have been smiling & bought my current H-D in 2000 when a marriage counselor suggested I go back to what made me happy. It was a suggestion I never regretted since. I learned a long time ago the value of American made products, starting with Tonka trucks in the sandbox. Then as I grew up using a Louisville slugger in the sandlot. American made tools / products lasted & I used everyday to bring home a paycheck as a union tradesman.
    My thing was back then I was so busy working on the job then at night & weekends turning a house into a home I soon realized I had no extracurricular fun. This was the time I saw the marriage counselor with the great advice. My FXR arrived just about the time my children's mother left the picture. My H-D saved my ass. Work was on the decline until it all came to a screeching halt. That is when I started my website in the year 2008. I have a brother who is a "computer guru" not a biker. His brains & my Live to Ride/ Ride to Live way of life has allowed me to meet the best people in the world. The more I ride the more great stories I can share. My problem is I meet too many to put to words my experience.
    America is a great place to ride. Most bikers I know have a common bond for the open road. We are sick & tired of seeing our jobs getting sent overseas. Many of my union brothers have not only lost their jobs but their homes,wives, families, cars  and yes their bikes. To me my bike showed me what I need to survive. My bike makes me appreciate those that fought for our freedom. Today a limited few make up all the rules and then thru greed dismantle our workforce so they can make more dough .
    I started this blog to open our eyes as the crap from overseas is put on the market here in the USA. I have worked along the tradesman that bought a hammer from China that saved this guy some cash. He swung the hammer 7 times & was back where he startded the day minus the 7 bucks that cost him a buck a swing. It does seem like a circus out there,but real people are losing real things fast. I started American Biker Biz to open our eyes to the nonsense that is marketed to the many like me your average EvoJo

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