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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Woman wants a Harley- Davidson

    A friend of mine who rode bitch for a couple of runs wanted her own. She asked me if I could go shopping with her on this new experience. She just completed her "Riders Edge" course at a nearby dealership. I asked her if she thought abought the make she wanted or better yet what model. The riders edge class had Buell Blast to start em out ,but others were available depending on their confidence level. I met her instructor who of course was glad to see a potential customer.
     My friend has some long legs so any bike would fit her. Now it was my job to help her figure out which one was most comfortable to ride. The dealership gave her the choice of any bike to try for the night & bring back the next day. There was a Softtail Duece sitting on the showroom floor that for sure I thought had her name on it. She didn't like the color but was willing to take it for a ride. While it looked good to me she was the one to ride it & after the ride back to her place it was voted out. Then I think sticker shock set in because she wanted to check out the Honda,Kaw, Suziki & Yamaha dealer.
     I  am not a good spokesman for riceburners but kept my mouth shut as sh checked em out. I could see she wanted some input from me so  I suggested pick one out & let's go for a test ride. I can't remember which bike she rode there but she wanted to head back to the H-D dealer. At H-D they had a Heritage Softtail that they wanted her to try for the day. This Heritage was used but had a lot of bells & whistles. The color was not to her liking. I noticed she had no problem handling a bigger bike. We went back ready to talk price & their number was a lot higher than even a new one. Plus now she didn't like the color. I actually heard the dealer tell her to paint it. This statement pissed me off & looked over to see her reaction. I told her I need to go out for a cigarette & she knows I don't smoke. She came out & I told her let's go to another H-D dealer I know in another county.
    We talked that night with her other girlfriends that ride. It was determined the first dealer did not want to sell her a bike. I knew we would find one was just starting to think when ? The second dealership was cool as hell. They wanted to sell & knew how to make the sale. The first bike they suggested was the Streetglide. I gotta say she handled it like it was hers. She didn't like the way the fairing moved so I took it for a spin & agreed on that one. Everyone is different that is why different models are made. They had a new ElectraGlide perfect color that she wanted to ride. I rode along side her & knew that was her bike. Yes I understand it is the biggest bike available in the H-D fleet. It fit her,had plenty of storage space in the tourpack.
    That second dealer made the sale & boy was she happy. I knew she could handle it so away we went for a long awaited ride. The comfort of the seat & of course the color sold that bike. I met up with her for the 105th party in Milwaukee. Then I saw the unthinkable as she came to a stop she forgot to put her feet down. Timber,down she went. We got it back upright & I asked her how much riding since I last saw her. Not much as I glanced at the odometer. I gave her a hint when parking the big rig to let gravity help her back it in the spot. In otherwords look for the best spot before you park. I also reminded her to put her feet down when completly stopped. As we left the 105th she reached for her GPS. This GPS was something new to me but what do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.

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