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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Politics are everywhere

  Seeing what is going on in Egypt should be a wake up call to the word FREEDOM. When Mubarek took the Egyptians freedom of the internet away & banned reporters away it was not because good things were going to happen. But the brave souls who figured out how to link to the world via Twitter & Facebook proved to the regime "Welcome to the Social Media Age".This is only a guess from me a biker thousands of miles away. Because of greed, Mubarek did not want to leave without all his money with total disregard to the people of Egypt. Seeing the Google exec. who risked it all to bring freedom of speech to his brothers & sisters is someone I would like to meet.
     This reign of politics where people lose their freedom is not confined to Egypt. Next I heard the citizens of Iran have protested. Do not hear so much because a bigger chaos began in Libya. Seems Mohmarr Gahdafi ordered his jet pilots to shoot at the crowd in the streets of Libya. The citizens in Libya also lost their freedom of the internet along with the freedom to assemble. It turns out the Libyan jet fights had a conscience & defected to Malta. I am grateful to this land Malta for accepting them. It is a changing world because people are pushed to their limits when freedom is taken away.
   Politics is ever present even in my backyard. The mayoral race in Chicago comes to a vote today. Last week I received a phone call telling me about Rahm Emanuel & I do not live in Chicago or even Cook County.Not sure how that list included me but that's politics. Someone always wants to be in charge which is fine by me. Just remember you can take a lot in the process but never take my Freedom it is bad for business. What do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.

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