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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Politicians are voted in

     It is not surprising when our election is coming up that some new  names to the Presidential  run are talked about. We do have choices in the USA despite what you hear from those whose  candidate lost out. I know many will disagree but our election process is still the best around. This week in the news we focus on Egypt. Mubarek took the peoples freedom that lets Egyptians communicate to the world. I just learned Mubarek is only worth 20 billion. Being he was in charge for 30 years, I can see greed took over this Mubarek in Egypt. I see Dads taking pictures with the kids on the tanks gun barrel.
    This is why I love the USA., when I take pictures of my kids it has a Harley-Davidson nearby not a armored tank.The next presidential election in America might have a newcomer to the political parade. I  have voted in every election since I was 18. Yes sometimes the guy I voted for loses, most times he wins. When you see a country like Egypt celebrate because one man is out. Call me crazy but anyone that takes peoples freedom away needs a new career choice.
     I heard Donald Trump  is thinking of running for president. I hope he does .

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