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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not All Dealerships Are Greedy

  I just read an article that deserves to be heard. Most of us work hard for our money,saving for something we know will benefit us in more ways than one. Scrimping & saving is a lot harder these days, because of where our money ends up. This article ends up different in many ways.

   A man close to my age sees the bike he has wanted for awhile at the local dealership. His ride of choice is a '98 Heritage Softail. The Heritage is red ,his favorite color with a lotta chrome. It ain't cool if the chrome don't shine . The chrome was shining on the showroom floor,because people get paid to do that at dealerships. The bike of his dreams was purchased with a thousand down & $10,000. left to pay. With the paperwork signed off to the sunset he rode, it was in Arizona,a land known for their sunsets.            

  One week after his purchase of the Heritage, this guy has a massive heart attack & dies. His grieving Father has the burden of squaring up his son's finances. The Dad knows how in a weeks time ,how much the Heritage meant to his son who saved more than money for that bike. The dealership was just down the road , so his Dad went to prepare to hear the legal mumbo jumbo of a signed contract. Mother Road H-D listened to the Dad, then tore up the contract . The financial manager grieved with the Dad, telling him contract smontract you have been thru enough, we liked your son at Mother Road H-D. Nowadays you don't often hear about a company that cares. Thank You Mother Road H-D for putting money & legal mumbo jumbo aside. Good news travels fast & you brought good news when needed.   

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