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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nothing is Perfect

  I just meet up with a biker I haven't seen in a while. This guy is like many I know a tradesman with a bad back. It is a pretty common trait when your busting your ass to put food on the table that your back gets injured in the process. Even with injuries your bills do not stop. The bad back was enough to put a halt on riding his motorcycle,temporarily of course. But then my brothers daughter needed money for college & he sold his Harley-Davidson.
    I saw my brother just after he sold his bike & he was bumming big time. I hate to see bikers without bikes & I told him he could ride my FXR if he needed a fix. Brothers do help brothers,but his back was in real bad shape so he opted out of my offer. I will always remember the feeling of not being able to ride because of a surgery I needed. Ride to Live/Live to Ride is not just a slogan on a tshirt.
    So this morning when I saw my brother, he was smiling ear to ear.I told him I heard the good news that he just bought another Harley. He told me he bought a 2009 Ultra. This guy deserves comfort this go round. As he told me the past owner rode it to Sturgis twice but for some reason needed to sell it. My brother took his 2009 out for a spin & when he was riding the damn starter tried engaging while he was riding. His response"WTF" then he called the Harley dealership he bought the bike from. The dealership in Wisconsin told him park it & they are coming to pick it up. Within 30 minutes they were strapping it on a flatbed. The dealership checked everything electrical found nothing but did what doesn't always happen they changed everthing from starter,relay to make sure the bike is rolling & starting for my brothers well deserved ride . I want people to know good wrenches are still operating at Harley dealerships.
     Thanks Racine H-D my buddy is happy once again. I can't wait to go riding with him because we are sure to find another story out of it & even if I don't put it on paper we will get plenty of enjoyment from Riding to Live. This I do know because I am EvoJoe .

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