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Monday, May 16, 2011

List of American Made Motorcycles

 I decided to compile a list of American Made Motorcycle companies that are currently available to ride. When I started coming up with this list I educated myself in what is up& coming to the biker community. Being there is 15 companies that each have their own unique story. I decided to just give a brief description of the 15 companies with a more in depth interview of the individual companies in the weeks to come.
    Starting in alphabetic order is Brammo from Oregon This company produces electric cycles.    EBR is from East Troy ,WI the website If you do not recognize the name I believe two things: 1) You live in a cave. 2) You are lost here. I look forward to learning more about EBR. Confederate motorcycles is next up with their website
   The Fischer motorcycle from Maryland is a sport bike that boasts American made. Their website since 1903 is a obvious American made motorcycle. their website is Following H-D is Indian which started in Massachusetts in 1901. Today changes have taken place recently with the ownership. Getting more info about this company should fill some pages in the weeks to come. Their website
Mac motorcycles looks to be also manufactured in England & their website motorcycles has a website Moto Czysz is from Portland OR. their website is They produce what seems to be a growing list of electric cycles.
    If your looking for speed & a bulletproof engine Motus motorcyles from Birmingham, Alabama is for you. They are located near the Barber Motorpark for a good reason. Motus's website is QLink has a website Ridley who is automatic is located in Oklahoma City. Their website is Roehr motorcycles is one I haven't heard of before today. Their website
Travertson motorcycles has a custom look I am looking forward to learning ore about. Travertson's website is Zero motorcycles from Ft. Lauderdale produces an electric motorcycle. Their website is
    If those reading this know of another company leave me a reply. I will get the most info one way or another. Made in the USA is spoken here.

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  1. Looks like I forgot to name a few companies in the article. No worries, I have been contacted & will have more in a upcoming post.