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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's Ride America

 It is time to saddle up America,the days are getting longer. I am not sure is you have seen the new id on the block Motus Motorcycle. This is an American made sport touring bike that is built for speed with quality parts & the best engineering possible. To get a glimpse of what was unveiled at Daytona check out the May issue of Cycle World.
   It seems like the cost of gasoline will be at a all time high from here on out. Park them cages as the world looks a whole lot different on two wheels. I can see to catch up with technology it would be time to check out electric motorcycles. I am addicted to the sound of my Harley so purchasing one would be out of the question. But I am one to get educated in what is happening out there. As far as I know it is best to purchase American made products. Not only because a lot of Americans are still out of work,we produce goods that last. But what do I know I am just your average EvoJoe.

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